Best Sex Toys That Eve London Escorts Use

Eve London escorts are highly trained and experienced and know exactly how to blend and mingle in the crowd. They know how to attract, charm, and give off charisma that you can never resist. They know themselves and after interacting with you for a few minutes, they will learn what you want and will do their best to satisfy your fantasies. Apart from lovely oral sex and world-class penetration, an escort will prefer to use various sex toys, not only for your pleasure but also for their own. The following are some of the best sex toys that charlotte action escorts use to bring smiles and satisfaction to every client.

  1. Cock ring

A vibrating cock ring is one of the best sex toys that Eve London Escorts are fond of when pleasing their clients. They use a cock ring during oral sex as well as during penetration. The ring sits at the base of the penis and during penetration; it stimulates the penis and at the same time stimulates your partner’s clitoris. They also use it to tease the penis of their clients to make them scream and yearn for more.

  1. Pleasure beads

Eve London Escorts are willing to explore the world of sex toys to satisfy their clients, and they have never gone wrong by choosing pleasure beads. These beads are designed to vibrate and they use them according to your preferences. For instance, they can insert the beads in their vagina and as they vibrate during penetration, they stimulate your penis. Alternatively, if you love anal sex, an escort will insert the beads in your anus and you’ll definitely have a great time.

  1. Dildos

Dildos are not only the oldest sex toys but are also the most common among the Eve London Escorts. Dildos are designed to have the shape of a penis and are most commonly used to penetrate the anus or vagina. Since they do not have moving or mechanical parts, an escort holds it in her hand and uses it during a live performance to masturbate until she cums in front of the client. If the client is a female, an escort can use dildos with modern materials that mimic the feel of natural skin to make the client feel like she’s being penetrated by a real man.

  1. Vibrators

Vibrators are just like dildos, but the only difference is that they incorporate a component that pulsates or vibrates for additional stimulation. They come in various sizes and shapes and are perfect for external stimulation and/or insertion. Eve London Escorts prefer vibrators because they can excellently be used in both men and women. They excellently offer anal and clitoral stimulation and an escort can use a vibrator in the anus and a dildo in the pussy for female clients or a vibrator in the anus for male clients.

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